Non Woven Roll Cutting Machine

We manufacture a wide ensemble of Heavy Duty Simplex Automatic Paper, Foam & Board Roll to Sheet Cutting Machines, which are quality-tested and highly durable. These machines are widely acclaimed for user friendliness and less maintenance cost. Our range of such machines is in huge demand across the globe by various business concerns, like those involved in various type of printing works, such as screen printing, offset printing, printing Plates, Boards and Labels . Following is the technical specifications of our range:
Extra AC moter and penal with desital strock counter as per client requirement we proved with extra cost. Technical Data

A Machine with matchless performance

Including Automatic counting - Automatic Jogging Extra Arrangement for slitting attachment (If Requirement). & Extra dekarling Attachment

Size Of Machine 30", 36", 45", 48", 55", 60", 65", 75" (Inch) and more (As per your requirements we are manufacturing.)
Cutting length min/max 15" to 100" (Inch)Approx
Width 1500 Kgs. Approx

New Model with New Changes with low maintenance


  • SAI BRAND new model machine we have change cutting length side well extended new Pattern.
  • Unwind roll stand new design change MS Casting break pedestal will be change unwind stand shafting 45mm roll stand made by inside broad (Fabrication)
  • It is built with heavy cast iron side wall and the cutting knife is of W.P.S(HCHCR) with 2 to 3 H.P.D.C. electric motor and panel control board with digital stroke counter (counting attachment).
  • The flute machine is provided with one roll stand & Gear set are provided of C.I. Casting to cut exact required size & roll no cutting variation and no cross cutting in our machine. &Gear size book for cutting size. HCHCR Blade 1set (2piece) is provided.
  • We give ball bearing in blade rotter and gear system in machine.
  • D.C. Electric motor and Panel with digital stroke counter and proxy attachment.
  • As per your extra AC motor & Panel with digital stroke counter.
  • Nylon sandwich Belt with Double Tightener.
  • Motor mounting stand is fabricated.
  • Chain tighter of main cylinder is attached with ball bearing system.
  • Cutting variation is minimum 5mm no cross cutting in our machine.
  • Rubber Roll dia Mtr 5.
  • Machine is suitable to cut paper of 30 G.S.M. to 500 G.S.M easily.
  • We also give total Gard to put gear stand & Pulley , Gear & blade Rotter Guard with our machine.
  • Suitable for sharp cutting of 4 to 5 and more rolls (parallel) without damaging the paper.(extra roll stand are also available with machine one roll stand).
  • We are provide of extra Slitter attachment and loading and unloading trolley attachment paper roll unwind capacity maximum 500Kgs.
  • We are provide extra SG Casting gears set cut to cut at an extra cost required sizes & all other accessories.
  • One year warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects no warranty on electrical parts.
  • Do not compare the rate with other machine quality,please fine the quality of your machine.
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